These are some of the more recent works, adventures and occasional inane ramblings of a stonemason. Some of it will have absolutely nothing to do with stone

Autumn 2016

Currently working on the repair of walls to a Granite and brick cottage circa 1860 in the Bemboka area of NSW.

North East OPk                  Dismantle OPK

Using traditional lime mortar, stage one involves the dismantle and rebuild of two sections of wall that have been collapsing due to water ingress and drainage problems.

The cottage will also receive new guttering, drainage trenches and breather trenches all round.

Rebuilt wall


August 2014 -Disclaimer

I’d just like to make it clear, Richard Senior Stone Projects has had absolutely no involvement with the appalling stone walls currently being built as part of the Narooma Streetscaping Project.

On the road again June 2013

I recently returned from a very enjoyable month in the Bright/Wandiligong area of Victoria, where I was working on a granite retaining wall with a couple of old colleagues Kevin White and Troy Stevens. A truly picturesque area with some great cycling….happy days.

Cool Mornings

Cool Mornings


Granite retaining wall

Granite retaining wall

Letter Cutting   April 2013

An enjoyable letter carving commission currently underway, the stone is Mintaro slate.


the set out

The initial layout


set out on the stone

The design is aways evolving


Cutting the letters

Cutting the letters




Fixed in position

Fixed in position

fixed to boulder

Fixed to field boulder














SustainabilityApril 2013

I am lately reading more and more about the ‘green’ or low carbon credentials of using stone, quoting random figures of energy usage compared to other products with no reference to where these figures came from, and some of it in the trade journals that I subscribe to.

I  do happen to believe in the long term sustainability of natural stone as a building product especially when used with traditional lime mortars, but if those who puport to represent the industry do not make sure their figures are spot on and the relevant journals and editors provide reference to these figures in articles, no one will take the claim seriously and the big PR budgeted product manufacturers will trample all over us.

So dear newly opened quarry owner please make sure you consider all the economies of scale, air miles for equipment,  diesel belching excavators etc before telling the readers of ‘The Boondocks Bugle’ how green you are.

Pheeew……I feel better now.


Feb 2013

Going back to how it all started many years ago,I recently had the pleasure of completing a small dry stone retaining wall at Mogareeka in NSW. Both visually and  cost effective, also fun  working with stone in its basic form.
With dry stone retaining walls its the volume of stone behind, as well as binding the stone together correctly that gives the wall its ultimate strength.

Dry Stone retaining wall