Building with Stone

Build with stone

The versatility of stone

Record a place name or build date

Record a place name or build date

Stone shelf feature

Thinking of different ideas

Full and flat arch lintols

Full lintols improve apperance

Stone mantlepiece and corbels

Extra details can make a difference

Stone has many uses

Stone paving, steps, edging, walls

Bay Window

Curved walls add interest

Courtyard wall

Curved stone wall

Rectangular paving

More formal rectangular paving

Sandstone paving

Sawn crazy paving

Build your home with stone

Building in stone to last

Stone constructions will endure
Adelong granite

Adelong granite

Stone with traditional Verandah

Adelong Cottage with verandah

Sawn Ashlar wall

Sawn Ashlar clean sharp lines

Benalla Rose

Logo in stone

The timeless beauty of stone

The timeless beauty of stone

sandstone and stainless steel

Sandstone with stainless steel

Building a home in stone

A home to pass down through generations


Granite entry with piers and return walls

Granite Entrance

Pier to granite entry

Engaged pier adds interest

Stone makes an impressive entrance

Spectacular and impressive entrances

Straight wall with pier

Small but effective entry

Stawell Sandstone Fireplace

Thermal mass working for you

Feature wall with fireplace

Feature fireplace

Stone fireplaces

Firebox surround

Convict picked wall

Surface finish is important

Convict pick detail

Convict pick detail

Building with Stone

With excellent thermal mass, timeless beauty and fire resistance , well constructed stonework by an experienced and qualified stonemason will provide an excellent return on the initial investment for decades to come. What is more sustainable than a house that can be handed down through generations.

There are many things to consider when first thinking of using stone in your building, such as how much to use, in which locations, granite, sandtone, limestone or marble? Which type of chosen stone local or inter-state?  What types of surface finish to the stone? Finishing details around windows and doors, flashing for waterprofing.We can help with all these decisions at the planning stage and during construction which will save time and money in the long run.

Stone can also add so much to existing properties: add a stone fireplace, a feature wall, an impressive entrance.

Create interest in your grounds by featuring stone in walls, edges, steps, pool and pond surrounds.

Add a carving you have designed yourself for us to bring to reality.


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