Stone Memorials and Carvings

Sculpture and carvings in stone

With our stone memorials we strive to provide something that reflects the special memories and unique qualities of that special loved one.

We believe that a headstone should try and provide a lasting memory of the character, not just a record of birth and death.

Our carvings span from Cathedral Ambos to garden sculpture – we turn your imagination and creativity into solid reality.

We also restore, refurbish and repair memorials.

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Headstones and memorials

Stone memorials for memories of loved ones….

Handcarved memorial

Handcarved memorial

Oamaru Limestone Ambo

Oamaru Limestone Ambo

Oamaru Limestone

Oamaru Limestone

Oamaru Limestone carving

Oamaru Limestone carving

Sculptures in stone

Memorials can be sculptural


Yorkstone Hand carving

Holding hands


Scallop shell in sandstone

Scallop shell

Benalla Rose

Your logo in stone

Label stop to window

Your Highness

Sculpture in stone

How about a “grotesque” as a feature?

Lion and the lamb

Natural stone blends with the environment

Leaping Salmon

Leaping Salmon

Heritage carving for traditional building

Traditional and heritage carvings

Repairs to headstones and memorials

Repairs for memorials and headstones.

Traditional stone corbel

Stone corbel carved for restoration work